Com­pi­la­tion Ser­vice

Com­pi­la­tion Ser­vice

As your trusted adviser, Bassel Saleh & Co will apply its accounting and financial reporting expertise to assist you with the preparation and presentation of financial information.

Compiling with the International Standard on Related Services (ISRS) 4410. Our advisory team will support you with all your financial compliance needs to collect, analyse, and summarize your historical financial information.

When you may need our Compilation Services?

  1. When our expertise as a practitioner is required to compile the financial statements but the users do not require any assurance on the financial statements. Because financial reporting requires judgment, management may benefit from our assistance as a practitioner when making significant judgments.
  2. For transaction purposes, for example, financial statements are needed to support a transaction (such as for a merger, acquisition, or borrowing).
  3. To compile interim financial statements especially the ones subject to a review or audit engagement.

What are the benefit of our Compilation Services?

  1. Cost Effective: When no degree of assurance on the entity’s financial statements is required from a Certified Public Accountant, it may save time and money to opt for a compilation engagement.
  2. Flexible and Targeted Engagement: A compilation is based on a practitioner’s expertise in accounting and financial reporting, which has the benefit of the client relying on the practitioner’s compliance with professional standards and ethical requirements.

These benefits, combined with the fact that the practitioner is independent from the organization, offers clients an attractive, cost-effective option.