Book­keep­ing Ser­vice

Book­keep­ing Ser­vice

Correct and efficient bookkeeping processes are essential to the success of organizations.

BSC understands your need to get high-quality, tailored accounting services. For that we provide you with a complete bookkeeping service and outsourcing service.

Our service is tailored according to your needs, in case you have an accounting department and need support in bookkeeping, our accounting team will support your needs. In other cases, our team can act as your accounting and financial department (outsourced services) managed by our dedicated team.

To support you to get the optimum benefit from your business, our services include:

  • Prepare journal records and the monthly closing journals.
  • Preparing management specialized reports.
  • Assisting with the implementation of computer-based accounting systems.
  • Maintaining general ledger and other accounting records
  • Managing and reconciling the general ledger with the bank accounts.
  • Preparation of financial statements according to the standards used in your organization, IFRS, IFRS for SMEs, or local regulations.

When you may need our bookkeeping service?

  • Lack of available resources to support your growing accounting needs.
  • Inefficient finance functions operating without control.
  • Expansion abroad with different accounting and regulations.

What are the benefits of a bookkeeping service?

  • It offers flexibility, as the service can be tailored to different circumstances and focused on individual items of financial or non-financial subject matters.
  • Flexible solutions that can adapt quickly to reflect your business requirements.
  • Consistent management reporting and financial statements.
  • Financial statements issued and prepared according to the high standard used in BSC.