IFRSs Guid­ance & Im­ple­men­ta­tion

IFRSs Guid­ance & Im­ple­men­ta­tion

Companies’ competitiveness in the capital market is dependent on their transparency and standardized reporting to shareholders and interested stakeholders. Implementation IFRSs is one tool for this objective. Whether your company individually or publically owned and whether you deal with local or international capital markets, IFRSs are an essential tool in your reporting kit. We can help clients reach this target through our IFRS advisory service.

BSC provides IFRS Guidance & Implementation in case you are adopting IFRS for the first time, or in case of new standard implementation.

There are currently new standards that are challenging the accounting profession worldwide including:

  • International Financial Reporting standard 17 “Insurance Contracts”.
  • International Financial Reporting standard 9 “Financial Instruments”
  • International Financial Reporting standard 15 “Revenue from Contracts with Customers”
  • International Financial Reporting standard 16 “Leases”

BSC IFRS Advisory Service is about facilitating your change management process. Our team will bring together the technical accounting, technology, operations, and industry expertise, to offer tailor-made solutions and tools that will support your implementation and adopt new accounting standard requirements across the whole organization.

When you may need our IFRS Guidance & implementation service?

  • There are new requirements in the standards and you need experts to solve those requirements.
  • There are new standards that your team doesn’t have the needed expertise.
  • Your organization is adopting IFRS for the first time.
  • Your organization is struggling with some difficult requirements in current standards (such as Business combinations).

What are the benefits of the IFRS Guidance & implementation service?

  • It offers flexibility, as the service can be tailored to different circumstances and focused on individual items of financial or non-financial subject matters.
  • Flexible solutions that can adapt quickly to reflect your needs.
  • Experts from multiple industries align together to provide you with the needed advice.